Well Logging

Well Logging

Well logging and shooting operations

TNG-Group has at its disposal up-to-date geophysical complexes. Both self-contained and wireline equipment is used during operations.

  • More than 500 geophysical crews;
  • 110 hydrodynamic crews;
  • 30 geosteering crews (MWD, LWD);
  • 70 mud logging crews.

Equipment in use:

Open hole well logging tools

Electrical logging tools (220 sets)

Radioactivity logging tools (210 sets)

Geosteering provision while drilling (MWD Tensor - 26 sets, ZTS - 28 sets; LWD SKPB (Neutron-Neutron Logging + Electrical Logging) - 4 sets)

YaK-8, Mayak tools for Nuclear-Magnetic Logging in the Earth’s field (60 sets)

YaMTK-150 Nuclear-Magnetic Logging in strong field (4 sets)

Self-contained complexes for logging while drilling (20 sets)

AKBT Self-contained complex for pipe-conveyed logging (2 sets)

Formation testing equipment (Drill Stem Test - 12 sets)

Wireline formation testing (10 sets)

MCI 5570 Electrical Imager (6 sets)

XRMI Electrical Microimager (Halliburton) (4 sets)

RDT Wireline Formation Tester (Halliburton) (4 sets)

RCI Formation Tester (Baker Hughes) (4 sets)

SASVR High-resolution acoustic scanner (10 sets)

Mpal 6620 Multi-pole acoustic array logging tool similar to Xmac (4 sets)

SAS-90 Sonic logging tool (4sets)

VAK-32 Sonic logging tool (8 sets)

YaMR-Core Full-size core survey tool (6 sets)

Cased hole well logging tools

Field geophysical tests tool (250 sets)

Sonic logging tool (200 sets)

Flaw Detectors, Geometry tools, Calipers (100 sets)

Tools for residual oil saturation in formation establishment (80 sets)

Video Logging (4 sets)

Gyroscopic and Magnetometric Inclinometry (70 sets)

Tools for crossflows behind casing applying short-lived radioactive isotope Rn222 (20 sets)

Interval pressure test of the production string. Packer “Poisk-2M” (20 sets).


Shooting Operations

Jet perforators and drilling perforators

Punch perforation

Shooting equipment for emergency operations


Logging units and laboratories

PKS-5 Well Logging truck hoist (more than 500 units)

PKS-7M ZGK Well Logging truck hoist (10 units)

PKN-5 Marine truck hoist (1 unit)

KII Mobile unit for equipment mobilization (5 units)

LPS-7 Perforation unit laboratory (40 units)

GDIS Laboratory (110 units)

Geotest-5 Mud logging unit (64 units); Geotek (6 units).