Field Seismic Acquisition

Field Seismic Acquisition

TNG-Group has state-of-the-art telemetry complexes. Both explosive and non-explosive seismic sources are used during operations.

23 seismic crews are equipped with:

- 180,000 seismic channels, of them 10,700 are wireless systems (Wireless Seismic RT Sys2, Unite);

- 28 seismic recorders (Sercel 428XL – 20 units, 408UL - 3 units, Unite - 1 unit.; Input/Output System IV - 4 units);

- Seismic Vibrators (NOMAD; Hemi; X-vib, etc.);

- Electromagnetic sources (SEM-100, IDD-20) - 7 units;

- Drilling Rigs (URB-4T, URB-2A2, USh-2T, UBM-045, UBShM, etc.) - more than 350 units;

- Geodetic equipment: GPS Trimble5700, R5GNSS, R7 GNSS - more than 100 units;

5 lots of VSP with borehole seismic equipment GEOCHAIN X HP and SK6-823 -15 pcs .;

Sun, IBM field processing units Software packages: Focus, MESA

Non-seismic survey methods:

Gravity Meters: Scintrex CG-5 - more than 10 units.

Geodetic equipment: Trimble DiNi 0.7 digital level equipped with Trimble LD 12 leveling staff (2 units); Trimble M3 DR 5``W tacheometer (2 units), Geomax tacheometer (2 units); Sokkia optic levels (6 units)

Geodetic equipment of the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS): Trimble R7 GNSS (10 units), Trimble R9s (8 units), Trimble NetR9 (2 units), Trimble R10 LT (3 units).

Automated sets of geodetic base stations (AKGS) utilizing alternative energy sources (2 units) and LGK-2-110 self-contained energy supplies with EFOY Pro fuel cells (3 units) for automated acquisition and transfer of data from remote and hard-to-reach geodetic points using alternative energy sources.

Magnetometers: MMPOS (6 units), Geomerics G-856 AX (2 units).

Temperature sensors: temperature sensors with RKT206 quartz heat-sensitive resonator, portable AKTAKOM АСН-2500 frequency counters; KRIO-VT digital liquid thermostat (for temperature sensors calibration).

Geochemical equipment: equipment for geochemical investigations applying passive sorption technique, equipment for geochemical investigations applying active sampling method, field geochemical laboratory on KamAZ-43101 truck, field hardware and software heliometric complex, PHD-4 COMPLETE PACKAGE leak detector (8 units), “PGA-4” methane express analysis tool (6 units).

Chromatographic equipment: Crystallux-4000M; Crystal-5000.2 fitted with Thermo scientific DSQ, ISQ mass-spectrometer; TDS-1 thermal desorber, vacuum thermal desorber.