Field Seismic Acquisition

Field Seismic Acquisition

TNG-Group conducts field geophysical surveys applying 2D and 3D method, Vertical Seismic Profiling technology. TNG-Group accomplishes geologic survey, prospecting and ecological tasks applying “mobile geophysical methods” - gravity, magnetic, electrical prospecting and geochemical survey.


TNG-Group provides a full set of services in field exploration:

- Seismic Methods:

  • 2D Field Seismic Survey;
  • 3D Field Seismic Survey;
  • 3D/3C Field Seismic Survey;
  • Vertical Seismic Profiling;
  • Offset Vertical Seismic Profiling;
- Non-seismic methods:

  • Gravity survey;
  • Electrical survey;
  • Magnetic survey;
  • Geochemical survey;
  • Aero-space geological survey.