GeoInform Center

  • 14 Interpretation Teams
  • Center for geologic-hydrodynamic modeling of oil/gas and oil/gas/condensate fields
  • VSP and Offset VSP data processing and interpretation team
  • Supervision and field data processing team
  • Processing and interpretation of seismic data (2D, 2D/3C,3D, 3D/3C)
  • Integrated analysis of geological and geophysical data
  • Development of in-house interpretation methods
  • Creation of geologic and hydrodynamic models of fields
  • Re-interpretation of vintage well logging data and generation of the Data Bank


Supervision and field processing of seismic exploration data

Preparation of design layouts for the shooting of 2D and 3D areas, selection of survey method, field processing of 2D and 3D seismic data, control of the survey design and quality of acquired seismic data. Participation in preparation of reports resulting from field works, delivery of data to the Client, into Territorial Archives

Processing and 2D, 2D/3C, 3D, 3D/3C seismic exploration data.

Processing is conducted with preservation of actual amplitudes relation and enables to acquire high-resolution and informative time sections and seismic data volumes in various modifications.
The following procedures are conducted within extended processing sequence:

  • Pre-stack time migration;
  • Pre-stack depth migration;
  • AVO-analysis;
  • Amplitude and elastic inversion, generation of sections and volumes with P-wave and S-wave impedance.

Seismic Data Interpretation

Detailed mapping of oil and gas traps

  • Specification of oil-bearing or gas-bearing outlines of fields;
  • Prediction of lithological and facia variability of reservoir-beds;
  • Establishment of reservoir properties in productive intervals in cross-hole environment;
  • Generation of detailed digital models and oil and gas fields.

Vertical Seismic Profiling data processing and interpretation

High qualifications of our experts, availability of latest equipment make it possible to solve the following tasks arising during exploration, development and operation of a field:

  • Establishment of seismic parameters of the environment;
  • prediction of the geologic section below the bottomhole;
  • detailed studies of structural peculiarities of productive intervals in cross-hole environment, evaluation of lithologic peculiarities of productive intervals in cross-hole environment.

Geological and Hydrodynamic Modeling

  • specification of formations parameters according to well logging data interpretation and petrophysical core studies;
  • supplementing of the geologic model with production drilling data during modeling;
  • acquisition and analysis of field data from wells and deposits during production;
  • generation of geologic and hydrodynamic model of a field;
  • history match.