Научно-техническое Управление

Научно-техническое Управление

The R&D division, established with a view to ensure scientific progress in petroleum geophysics and to introduce Automated Control Systems in TNG-Group’s divisions, carries out the following kinds of activities:

  • Research and development, testing and construction activities, methodical and analytical works in geology, geophysics, geochemistry and geoecology;
  • Development of equipment and machinery intended for geological and geophysical operations;
  • Petrophysical provision of g&g data interpretation;
  • Development, elaboration and introduction of various computer technologies;
  • Development and introduction of metrological means and facilities for geophysical works.

TNG-Group’s  leadership in these fields is widely acknowledged and confirmed by State prizes, industrial prizes after Academician Gubkin, medals and diplomas from Exhibition of Economic Achievements. Pulsed Neutron Logging and Nuclear Magnetic Logging equipment developed and manufactured in our Research and Development Division is in use in many oil regions of Russia

The R&D division offers services in implementation of the following integrated projects:

  • Elaboration of integrated methods and technologies for processing and interpretation of geological and geophysical data during drilling and operation of oil wells, including horizontal wells and sidetracks;
  • Generation of computer technologies to establish and to control current and residual oil saturation of a formation;
  • Development of technologies to control technical state of wells, to determine cement bond based on acoustic methods;
  • Informative support in creation of data bases for generation of hydrodynamic models;
  • Adaptation of technical facilities and software for various geological and technical conditions;
  • Performance of well logging operations applying specialized methods (Pulsed Neutron Logging, Nuclear Magnetic Logging, C/O Logging, Waveform Sonic Logging) both in Russia and in other countries;

  • Full set of Mud Logging services providing fast evaluation of formation parameters and control and optimization of drilling, including adjustment of projected borehole during drilling of horizontal wells and sidetracks;
  • Support for drilling of directional, horizontal wells and sidetracks.